Registration guidelines

1. The Payment of the Participation Fee

The payment of the registration fee for both passive and active participants (author and co-author) must be submitted before registration. The fee is not refundable.

The Congress Fee will be payed in one of the following two bank accounts (the first one is for EURO and the second one for RON) or by credit card – NOW AVAILABLE.

Name: Societatea Studentilor Medicinisti Iasi
IBAN: RO57RNCB0178011166540002
BCR, Iasi, Al. I. Cuza, Str. Stefan cel Mare, no. 8A

Name: Societatea Studentilor Medicinisti Iasi
IBAN: RO84RNCB0178011166540001
Cod fiscal: 8740489
BCR, Iasi, Al. I. Cuza, Str. Stefan cel Mare, no. 8A

2. Online Registration –  Creating your Account

In order to register for Congressis 2018 you must fill out the Registration Form  and select the package you have bought, presenting a proof of payment.

It is very important that you fill in the Registration Form without using any diacritical marks. We are not responsible for printing errors that may appear. 

All co-authors who want to participate and get a certificate at Congressis 2018  must complete the Registration Form for active participants.

3. Logging in

After submitting the Application Form you can log in using your e-mail address and your password. We strongly advise you to log in in order to check and edit any spelling mistakes regarding your personal information or abstract information.

If you are an active participant please check the “Abstract Submission Guidelines” and “Oral and Poster Presentations” sections.

You can add another abstract by logging in and by pressing the „Add another abstract” button on your personal page. After submitting the abstract please check that all the information is correct.

4. Participation Confirmation

All the active participants who have registered by the 6th of April, will receive an email by the 13th of April, informing them whether their paper has been accepted or not. You can also check the status of your Application by logging in to your Congressis Account. 

The papers’ selection will be made by a jury consisting of professors from our university for each of the four congress sections.

If you are a passive participant and you have registered by the 20th of April, you will receive an email confirming your participation at Congressis 2018. Please note that participants requiring accommodation and meals will be accepted according to the registration date and also according to the number of active participants requiring accommodation and meals.

5. Conferences and Workshops Registration

After receiving the confirmation email, please log in to your Congressis Account and in your personal page you will find a list of Workshops and Conferences.

On an announced date and hour,  you will log in and choose 2 conferences and 1 workshop. You will be able to see in real time how many places there are for every workshop or conference and how many people applied to it. You can participate by clicking enroll.

You will later receive an e-mail with the conferences and workshop that you have registered to.