Technical information

In every Conference Hall the following media equipment will be available:

  • Laptop/PC connected to a video projector + audio system
  • Laser Pointer and Remote-Control
  • Windows XP, Microsoft Office 2013, Adobe Flash Player, Windows Media Player 10
  • CD/DVD ROM drive, USB interface

Requirements for participants holding an Oral Presentation:

  • we recommend saving your presentation on an USB flash drive in Office Powerpoint 2013 format;
  • both the oral presentation and the information displayed on the slides must be in English.
  • we recommend you make a backup copy of all the media files (audio, video) used in your presentation in a separate folder on the USB.

Requirements for participants presenting a Poster:

  • the size of the poster must be 120 cm x 70 cm.
  • the information on the poster must be easily read from a distance of 2 m.
  • all the information on the poster as well as the presentation must be in English.

Oral presentations for students and young doctors for Surgery, Fundamental Sciences, Internal Medicine and Behavioral and Social Sciences sections should last no longer than 6 minutes + 2 minutes for questions.

Poster sessions for Case presentations  should last no longer than 6 minutes + 2 minutes for questions.

Please make sure that you do not exceed the presentation time! In the room there will be a staff member who will show you cards with “3 minutes left”, “1 minute”, “30 seconds” to help guide your presentation.