Tips for active participants

Rules for Abstract


– The First Name and Last name must be written in this order (ex:  John Smith)
– The abstract must be written in English
– The abstract must have the following headlines :  introduction, materials and methods, results, conclusions;
– The abstract should contain maximum  300 words
– The abstract must have at the end a minimum of 3 keywords and a maximum of 5 keywords
– The abstract must be of an original scientific research paper, only rare case presentations are accepted.

– An active participant can have:

  • 1 author and 2 coauthor assignings (Medical students)
  • 1 author and 1 co-author and 1 coordinator assignings (Young doctors)

– The abstract MUST have at least a scientific coordinator ( Doctor, Professor, Lecturer, Teaching Assistant)

At Congressis we use the International Guidelines for writing an abstract of a scientific paper. You can check them out HERE.